Welcome to the Sermon Recap, where we dive into the teachings of the Scriptures to find guidance for our Christian journey. Today, we explore the message from a recent revelation, reminding us of God’s boundless love and His desire to bless, heal, and protect us.

Before we continue, let’s open our Bibles to Matthew 5:1-18, which lays the foundation for this message.

In our walk with Christ, we must never forget the depths of His love for us. He yearns to act in our favor, to heal us, to be our guardian, and to protect us. This fundamental truth should remain etched in our hearts.

To unlock God’s blessings, it’s imperative that we study and start walking in the Beatitudes. Embracing qualities like hunger and thirst for righteousness and recognizing our spiritual poverty creates a deep connection between us and the Lord. When we fully embrace these characteristics, even the enemy cannot hinder the divine protection, happiness, peace, and blessings that will flow into our lives.

“Blessed” signifies not just happiness but also the recognition of genuine goodness and its source in a person’s life.

Matthew 5:3 emphasizes that being “poor in spirit” doesn’t refer to financial poverty. Instead, it signifies humility and a lack of self-reliance. Those who are “poor in spirit” understand their inability to attain righteousness and goodness through their own strength. It’s crucial to avoid the trap of thinking that we can overcome our weaknesses on our own. When we struggle with any area of weakness, what we truly need is the life-giving sustenance that only God can provide.

A person who is poor in spirit, who is presented with the opportunity to help someone or minister to them, knows that without God the need will not be met. One way to recognize where you stand on being poor in spirit is when you see someone in need. Check your thoughts and see whether you are saying, “I can do this,” or “Jesus, I really need you to guide me and give me the wisdom to do what is needed.” When someone is struggling, they don’t need a worldly pat on the back, but they need the Living Water of Jesus poured into their life.

Luke 11:5-8 underscores our daily need for a touch from God. God is looking for someone who will keep coming back to Him for every need. This design of seeking God is rooted in His love for us, ensuring that we continually seek His guidance and presence. Because if we had all the answers to every question, we wouldn’t come to Him and He loves us and longs to be our friend.

The New Covenant

Under the Old Covenant, people were born under the shadow of death and faced judgment. However, the pivotal moment at Calvary marked the fulfillment of God’s law, as Jesus bore our sins and gifted us His righteousness. Man did not have the strength, will, or ability to do this by himself. Jesus paid the debt we could not pay. We now have an advocate with the Father on our behalf. When we get saved, it provides us with new hearts, aligning our desires with His and motivating us to live righteously and seek the Lord’s pleasure.

Matthew 11:11 draws our attention to the unique time we find ourselves in, when we have the privilege of experiencing the fullness of God’s grace and the redemptive power of His sacrifice. John the Baptist never got to see Jesus die and didn’t get to see His resurrection or get to experience the Holy Ghost the way we do. Jesus ushered in a new era, wrapping the law in grace and mercy.

Today, as we step into His Kingdom, we surpass even the greatest of the Old Covenant figures. It’s a reminder that there is but one way to salvation—through Jesus. While there may be countless paths leading elsewhere, it’s the blood of Christ that redeems us. The only door to Heaven is Jesus Christ.

In closing, this recap has unveiled the significance of being “poor in spirit,” the beauty of daily seeking God’s presence, and the unmatched grace and mercy that flow from the Kingdom of Heaven. Remember, it’s through Jesus that we rise above and become greater than any enemy, situation, or storm. May you continue to walk in the light of His love and grace.

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Pastor Anthony Wynn

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