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Benefits of a Worshipper

God is looking for a worshipper.

Psalm 103:2. It’s not enough to live for Jesus, cross your arms, and just survive. God is looking for a worshipper. And He’s not looking for one that will just worship Him when the piano’s playing or the singers are singing. He’s looking for someone who will worship Him even when they are wiping a tear.

I want to challenge you to commit your worship to God today. If the enemy comes around bargaining for it, you can tell him it’s not for sale!

One of the most important parts of a church service is the worship. Worship is eternal. God was worshipped before Adam fell, we worship God now, and eternity will be filled with elders and saints worshipping Him and casting their crowns at His feet.

Let’s talk a bit about some benefits of a worshipper.

1. You fulfill God’s original plan.

2. When you are discouraged and see nothing but the battle, praise and worship will turn your attention back to the Creator.

Like Peter walking on water, if you keep your eyes on the storm, you will begin to sink. Right in the middle of it all, however, there is Jesus. And when you begin to worship Him, it will bring your attention back to Him. Psalms 42:5. We mess up, but God died for us and we have a legal right to bless His name forevermore! God is good, faithful, eternal, and saved our souls! We should bless Him!

Even when you don’t see it, He’s working. Psalms 27:13-14.

3. Worship will get you in the presence of the King, where needs are met and lives are changed.

In God’s presence, there is fullness of joy. Fear and discouragement must back away, for there is victory over them in God’s presence. When you worship and get in the presence of the Lord, no enemy can stand! Real victory is not found at the bank, or in the hands of the President. Real victory is found in the presence of King!

4. Worshippers understand that their lives and battles are not controlled by the enemy.

A real worshipper will rise above every circumstance. Genesis 22:5. Hebrews 11:17-19. There are some things God will have you do that will cost a lot. There are some areas God will call you to walk and friends will turn their back on you. But if you make up your mind that you would rather have Jesus than anything and worship Him through it all, you will walk out of any circumstance a conqueror. If God moved for you one time, He will move for you again. If God has promised you something, He will fulfill that promise. A real worshipper knows that God will fight for them and make a way for them. Daniel 3:15-17. Do not let your circumstance control you and your worship. A worshipper knows they will make it out of their storms. Psalms 50:14-15.

5. Psalms 22:3. A worshipper knows they they can create an atmosphere that God will come and dwell in.

I’ve been in scary situations where I started to worship and the peace of the Lord fell in the room. There is a place in worship where God will walk beside you. Nervousness and anxiety are gone when you worship. Worship will bring God to you and He is the Prince of Peace, the Healer, the Miracle Worker! He will provide for you and break chains. Just worship Him! Worshippers know they can get into God’s presence anytime they want to. Psalms 91:1. A worshipper knows that when they give their all to God, He won’t throw them away. Psalms 50:23.

6. Worship is our weapon.

One of my biggest weapons when fear comes is quoting Psalms 23:1 and Romans 8:28. Worship is a weapon. Psalms 69:30. 2 Chronicles 20:21-22.

If you are struggling with things trying to pull you down and discourage you, pull out your weapon of worship to Jesus. 2 Corinthians 10:4. Ephesians 6:12. Resist the enemy, use your weapon and make up your mind that you will bless the Lord. Make sure His praise continually flows from your mouth!

You are a worshipper! Fight for you worship! It’s a weapon that will cause the enemy to flee! Hallelujah! Worship Him, friend!

This sermon recap was based off a powerful service. And I want to encourage you to please watch that service below. I’m sure it will bless you! God be with you, dear friend!

Pastor Anthony Wynn

2 thoughts on “Benefits of a Worshipper

  1. Jessica Grizzle says:

    Wonderful word! Worship is a powerful weapon! Thank you Jesus , that no matter the situation or circumstance, we can worship our Lord!

    1. Faith Cross says:

      Dear Jessica,
      Thank you for commenting! Feel free to share this message with others! God bless you! We love you!

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