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Benefits of a Praying Church

One benefit we talk about here is that when God’s people come together in unity, God loves to show up. There is power, mercy, and life when God’s people begin to pray.

The second benefit is the strength that comes with numbers. If you can find someone to pray with in unity, then that depression and oppression can’t stay. Five shall chase a hundred, and a hundred shall put ten thousand to flight.

Another benefit of a praying church is that each one of us can find answers and fresh direction from the altar and the throne of God when we gather together to pray. The Holy Ghost will give you directions and show you the way to go and the way not to go. 

One of the last benefits we talk about is that when we get people together, we can carry each other’s loads and burdens when we pray.

You really can’t be effective to help someone that’s hurting if you don’t allow yourself to hurt. We need to be so close to Heaven that we can feel the pain of our brothers and sisters, so we can know that they are in need. It’s so important that we pray for one another that if the Lord lays someone on our heart to pray for and we don’t, we’ve sinned against Him. We are our brother’s keeper. If you have a real spirit of prayer, when God visits the church and before that spirit lifts, He will allow you to feel infirmities in the house.

We must pray for one another. We are our brother’s keeper. We must pray for this country. Let’s gather together in one accord and reach out to God.

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Pastor Anthony Wynn


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