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A Goliath Called Covid

What was man created for?

We were created to worship God. The angels can worship Him, sure, but if they stopped they would be cast out. They have no choice but to worship God. God wanted a being that had a choice to worship Him or not.

The devil has stopped leaders and kings, but he knows he has no power over a true worshipper. The devil knew that if those three Hebrew boys didn’t sell their worship that they would come out of that fire. The devil knew those three worshippers would walk out of that fire because the Fourth Man would walk into it. If you worship God, He will show up!

We all know what this virus called Covid is. This virus has two main spirits attached to it. Number One: Fear. Number Two: Control.

In 1st Samuel, Goliath came with the Philistines to fight Saul’s army. You don’t hear much about Goliath before he shows up. He just comes up on the scene seemingly overnight. Kind of like the way Covid did. And now, for about 16 months, we’ve been held hostage by the biggest enemy our generation has ever seen. It’s not the meanest or the strongest. It’s not the deadliest and not even the worst. But it is the biggest.

I’m not taking this thing lightly, but it’s just another enemy. It’s the biggest one we’ve seen so far, and America has given into fear.

 Let me tell you something we all need to realize.

If we die, we are the Lord’s. If we live, we are the Lord’s. We need to let go of this fear. We aren’t going anywhere until God is through with us.

The enemy recognizes there is power in numbers. Goliath called for one man to come out and fight against him. With Covid, there’s a spirit of isolation. Covid says, “It’s just you and Goliath.”

If you don’t shake this fear, the devil won’t let up. It will just get worse.

Goliath drew near morning and evening. The devil knows that what you see first thing in the morning will be on your mind for the rest of the day, and the last thing you see before you go to bed will stay with you all night long. About all we’ve heard on the morning news, evening news, and night news is the Coronavirus. It’s in our faces day and night. It’s trying to put a spirit of fear over us, but God hasn’t given us that spirit. He’s given us a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind.

Over several months, the devil has been pushing further and harder, but somebody has to stand up and fight back.

That’s where David came on the scene.

David didn’t tell Saul this, but David had gotten anointed to be the next king. He knew that if Goliath killed him, then God’s Word would fail, and God’s Word never fails.

You have a promise beyond this battle.

Saul put his armor on David, but David hadn’t proved it. But he had proved his little slingshot and he had proved he could trust God. Later, he picked up five smooth stones and we all know the story from there.

I’m not telling you to not be cautious. I’m saying we need to shake this spirit of fear off us. We are children of God and held in His hand. We aren’t going anywhere until He says so. Shake the fear off! Worship God!

Pastor Anthony Wynn


  • 1 Samuel 17:1-51

2 thoughts on “A Goliath Called Covid

  1. The enemy comes in like a flood but the enemy doesn’t know whom is standing with me in the fire ,I’m never alone , Jesus has always been my way maker ,when my family run to me for help ,I tell them who I run to for help because Jesus has always been there for me ,no matter what the situation is no fear ,no bondage will hold me down !

    1. faith cross says:

      Dear Joe,
      Amen! Jesus will never leave us nor forsake us. We are so glad you enjoyed this blog. We would love it if you would share it with someone you think would enjoy it. We love you and thank you so much!

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