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Thomas the Train

The Lord can speak to a person through so many different things.

 I was watching my grandchildren, Henry and Kara play the other day and the Lord began to speak to me about the toy they had in their hand, a little Thomas the Train. First, there are two different ones. There’s the train you have to push along the track, and then there’s an updated version that is battery-powered. There will be a bit of back and forth in this blog between the two, I’ll try not to make it too confusing.

The train is the individual person.

For the push train, it matters whose hand it’s in. In a happy child’s hand, it’s a wonderful toy to play with. One that can be pushed around and tow different train cars behind it. In an angry child’s hand, it can be a weapon. The child can throw it and break something or hit another child with it. A person is either in one hand or the other. They are either for God or against God. In God’s hand, you give strength to the weary, you’ll reach for the lost, and you will encourage the bruised and broken. In the enemy’s hands, a good person can become a terror.


  • 1 John 3:10
  • John 8:44
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  • Ephesians 4:16
  • Psalm 147:3
  • Acts 1:24-26
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  • Revelation 14:6
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  • 2 Kings 22:2
  • Luke 2:46-49

Just like the train track, all it takes is one member of the body not fitting together and there will be a wreck. If the devil can pull the track apart somewhere, somewhere down the road there is going to be a wreck. We must be fitly joined together, or the separation between us will make a mess. If the tracks are separated, casualties can happen, destruction can happen. For these toy trains, they make repair kits for their tracks so that you can repair them. If you feel broken, Jesus can repair you.

Any part of the train can be fixed. But if it refuses to be fixed, it will be cast aside and replaced. The work of God will move on. When Judas walked away from God and betrayed Him, the work of the Lord didn’t stop. I’ve read that in parts of your body if a vein is clogged and won’t let the blood flow, that something in your body will go around the clogged place and make a new vein. We can’t get so cold on God that when someone needs help that we won’t let the Lord flow through us to get to them. What a shame if He has to go around us and replace us!

I know this is a hard subject to talk about.

The color of the toy engine. It grieves my heart to see how much prejudice is in the land. Friend, if you have any prejudice in you toward the different colors of skin, it will be the number one hindrance of God flowing through you. There are good people in every race, and there are bad people in every race. In every race, there are righteous people and lost people. But each and every person has red blood flowing through them. It doesn’t matter the color of skin, it only matters if they are born again. They need Jesus just as much as you and I do.

There are a lot of people that are going to go to Heaven, but they won’t finish well.

To finish well, you have to stay on your journey, to make up your mind that you will live for God. There are a lot of things to turn you away from your journey. But you have to make up your mind to finish well.

There are a lot of exits.

The devil will give you so many opportunities to exit off the road. He will make it so easy to exit off into outer darkness. Now, I demonstrated with a toy train. I had a track and had the train roll off the table when it hit the exit. Then I attached cars to the engine. When it went off this time, it dragged the cars with it into the floor. What if you have a son or a daughter or somebody watching you? You run this race for a while and you get tired. “I can’t do this right now.” You exit off and everyone following you goes with you. Here’s what’s scary: You can awaken, and the Lord in His mercy can pick you up. You make it back on track, but what if your baby never makes it back? Just keep walking. You can walk out of this.

There are exits even on the inside where you exit off and no one notices. They won’t go get drunk and lie and cheat, but they will stop going to church. What’s going on in the world today has given so many people an exit off to the inside.

There comes a time when you need to know him for yourself.

The battery-powered train has the Holy Ghost and will move by itself. The other train has no power and will not move unless somebody pushes it. Thank God for all the people that push us and that pray for us, but there comes a time when we must know Him for ourselves.

In the video down below, you can watch me demonstrate my message with a table of toy trains as well as hear me talk about some of the types of train cars and how we can be like them, and about the rejection of the magnets on the older model of Thomas the Train and how that is represented in our Christian lives. I pray you will be encouraged by this message.

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–Pastor Anthony Wynn

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