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You Can’t Kill a Promise

It’s not just you and Jesus. There is an enemy out there.

The enemy goes through seasons and attacks in different ways. Back in the 40s and 50s, it was liquor trying to destroy our nation. Then, drugs got really bad. Right now, there’s just a spirit of fear raging. As humans, we have been appointed for a time, and if we have done our best to live for the Lord, there is no enemy that can prevail against us. We are in the hand of God.

A man did an 18-month study going through the Bible and counting the promises of God. He came up with 8,810 promises. 7,487 were made by God himself.

Can we trust God?

Of course we can! God is faithful. In Genesis, God challenges Abraham and tells him to offer Isaac as a burnt offering. Abraham knew Sara was past age to have a child, but God promised she would, and she had Isaac. Abraham looks at Isaac and thinks ‘Well, Sara and I probably aren’t going to have any more kids. This must be the child of God’s promise. That means that if I go up here and kill him, I’m not coming back without him because promises don’t die until they are fulfilled.’ And guess what, he came back with Isaac.

The devil can’t kill God’s promise to you.

Joseph had ten older brothers, but Joseph had a dream. Joseph had a promise and his brothers couldn’t kill the promise. His brothers could sell Joseph, but they could not kill him. Potiphar’s wife could lie on him all she wanted, but she couldn’t kill him. Because he had a promise. The hand of God was on his life.


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It is not just us and our problems. We have a promise from our faithful God. We are not going to go hide and let this fear take over. We are going to keep fighting. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy is coming in the morning. Let the battle rage. Let the storm come. We have made up our minds that we are going to keep living. We have a promise. When God is finished with us, we get to go home. But until then, we have to just keep on walking and doing the will of God.

There was a dream inside of Joseph, but it wasn’t just his dream.

There’s a dream inside of each of us. Dreams God has given you of preaching, casting out devils, and healing. There’s such an anointing of God on you. Hell may fight you, but you have a dream that’s from God and Hell can’t stop that. Don’t let the enemy kill your dream.

Don’t doubt in the darkness what God told you in the light.

God has whispered promises to each of us, there have been some prophecies spoken over us. God is not a man that He would tell you something and not do it. God told Abraham that for 400 years that his seed would serve another nation. But 400 hundred years is up now. They are supposed to be being led out of that nation, and it looks like the ones that could fight for them are being drowned in the river by the Pharaoh’s demand. Everything precious around them is dying.

Sometimes, God promises us something, and then the opposite happens.

But hold on! There’s a promise coming into view. The devil wouldn’t be fighting so hard if something wasn’t going on in the spirit. When you are getting attacked on every side, it’s often a sign that a promise is about to be birthed. Don’t let up. Don’t quit. There’s a promise coming and the devil can’t kill that promise. Hold on to that promise. It may not look possible, but God is faithful. He doesn’t have to wait until it looks convenient to move.

Moses went into the same river that was used to drown other babies, but the river carried him to a princess. Moses was raised in Pharaoh’s house. The devil tried to kill the promise, but God ended up making him pay for the promise’s schooling, buy his clothes, and cook his meals. The devil can’t kill a promise.

Hold on to your promise by walking by faith.

David had a promise that he was going to be king. He had an assurance. There was an anointing on his life. That bear, that lion, and that giant couldn’t kill him. Because he had a promise in his life. Saul was from the tribe of Benjamin and men from that tribe could sling a stone and hit a hare at 600 feet without missing. But Saul threw a javelin at David when they were in the same room and missed. Even one of the most talented fighters couldn’t kill the promise when he tried.

We aren’t going anywhere until God’s promises to us have been fulfilled. 

Pastor Anthony Wynn

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