Welcome to the Sermon Recap! Today, we are talking about the next generation and how we can guard them and be Godly examples in their lives. Now, let’s dive into some ways we can fulfill this responsibility to our children!

Note that this is a short look into this topic and you can hear more by listening to the sermon at the end of the post.

In the fast-paced and ever-changing world we live in, it’s essential to remember the responsibility we have as parents, guardians, or mentors to guide and protect our children, regardless of their age. The wisdom found in Hebrews 11:21, when Jacob blessed his grandchildren, serves as a powerful reminder that our faith and influence can continue to shape their lives, even as they grow into adulthood.

Guardianship beyond age 18

Unlike the cultural narrative that often encourages independence as soon as children reach a certain age, we should embrace our role as protectors and spiritual guides for our children throughout their lives. Just as satan targeted Adam and Eve once he failed to defeat God, the adversary relentlessly seeks to sow doubt and insecurity in the hearts of our children.

As responsible caretakers, we may not be able to fix everything, but we have the privilege of prayer. The enemy’s tactics of killing, stealing, and destroying can only be thwarted through our unwavering faith and intercession on behalf of our children.

In a world that preaches instant gratification and self-fulfillment, we must counter this by instilling in our children the divine truth that Christ has a unique plan for each of them, one that involves patience and seeking Him and His guidance in the affairs of life above all else.

Counteracting the Lies of the Enemy

Every day, our children face voices from the enemy, whispering lies that they are not good enough, that they are mistakes, and that they are unloved. These lies originate from Hell itself and should be countered with some crucial actions before we depart this world:

Lay Hands and Speak Life

By laying hands on our children to pray over them or bless them, we are symbolizing God’s divine presence in their lives. Speaking life over them reinforces their identity as children of God, emphasizing that they are not failures but rather vessels of His purpose. Expressing our love and pride in them can bolster their self-worth and resilience. Children may learn to cope with the lack of approval from others, but they will never forget the words of their parents. Our children crave our approval and encouragement. Let them hear us praying over them and assuring them that God has a unique plan for their lives.

Be Worshipers Regardless of Age

Worshiping God is not confined by age; it is a lifelong devotion. Just as Jacob, in his old age, blessed his children and worshiped, we too should continue to worship God enthusiastically. Worship is a spiritual weapon that the enemy seeks to hinder, but it is also a means by which we find freedom and connection with God. Pride should never obstruct our worship. We worship God for who He is, not for the benefits or blessings we receive from Him.

Sharing the Stories of Our Faith

As Jacob leaned on his staff, which represented the faithfulness of God in his life, he blessed his children and recounted his victories. Each notch on that staff symbolized a victory, a testimony to the faithfulness of God.

Likewise, our children need to hear our stories, the moments when God intervened, transformed, and blessed us. Through our testimonies, we pass down the legacy of faith, teaching them that God is always worthy of our worship and praise.

In conclusion, as parents and guardians, we have a sacred duty to protect, guide, and nurture the faith of our children, regardless of their age. In doing so, we equip them to withstand the lies of the enemy, embrace their identity as children of God, and continue a lifelong journey of worship and faith. Just as Jacob worshiped in his old age, so can we, leaving a legacy of blessings and worship for generations to come.

Thank you so much for reading this Sermon Recap! This was a short look into this topic. If you’re curious to hear more about this message, you can listen to the entire sermon in the video below. I hope you have a very blessed day!

Anthony Wynn

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