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3 Arks

If you’ve known me long, you know that in my studies in the Bible, I’m always looking for Jesus from Genesis to Revelation.

I’ve been working on numbers for a little bit and I’m digging into things about the number 3. It amazes me how many times 3 is in the Bible.

Matthew 13:8. Luke 9:33. 1 Corinthians 13:13. Jonah spent 3 days in the whale’s belly. After 3 days, Jesus rose again. Death, burial, and resurrection. Faith, hope, and charity. Seed, plant, harvest. Jesus was, is, and is to come.

A person can come to 3 different arks in their life.

Noah’s Ark. It represents salvation. It’s where you start in your walk with God. Just as Noah and his family had to go into the ark to be safe from the Flood, so must we come to Jesus for our salvation.

Noah’s ark had one door. There’s one door into Heaven and that’s Jesus. Anyone who enters has to come through the blood. If they enter any other way, they are the same as a thief.

Noah’s ark became the bridge from the old world to the new world. Jesus is the bridge from this life to eternity. 1 Peter 3:20. You have to enter into the first ark, repent of your sins, and be born again.

Moses’ Ark. It represents sanctification. I found another meaning of sanctification that just warmed my heart. The generic meaning of sanctification is the state of proper functioning. To sanctify someone or something means to set that person or thing apart for the purpose they were intended for by the designer.

I found a pen. And that pen wasn’t doing anything bad, and it wasn’t in a mess. But it hadn’t been sanctified for years because it was hidden and not doing what it was intended to do. God intended for you to worship Him and love one another. A pen is sanctified when it is used to write. A person is sanctified when they walk according to God’s design and purpose.

Moses went into the ark a slave and came out a son. He went into the ark with a death sentence on his head and came out the son of Pharaoh’s daughter. Sanctification is not to make you look silly. It’s to make you accomplish the plan that Almighty God ordained for your life. It will move you from a life of slavery to sin to a life of victory.

Exodus 2:2. When you first get saved, God will hide you from people who want to pull you back to your past and things you were addicted to. There comes a time, when you have to get up and live in a real world. Dishes have to be washed and people have to work. There is a place called sanctification where you can walk in this world but not be a part of it. Sanctification will take the desire to sin out of you and give you new desires. Exodus 2:3.

I don’t believe sanctification is a one-time thing. I believe that as you grow, your sanctification has to grow. As you mature in your walk with the Lord, pray that you are kept. The reason why Moses’ mother put him in the ark was to protect him. Jesus wants to sanctify us, not to hurt or control us, but to protect us from destruction.

Nobody’s sanctification is the same. Some people who have just gotten saved don’t want to watch horrible, filthy movies anymore. Others who already have that under control may just desire to not watch so much of “I Love Lucy.” Everyone’s sanctification is on different levels.

Moses was floating down the same river that was killing thousands of baby boys. The ark protected him. You will walk through things that destroy others because you are hidden in the ark of sanctification. Moses was in the river, but the river never got in him. We live in a world of sin, but sanctification keeps the world out of us.

Moses’ ark will change your identity. There are people in churches today that don’t do what they used to, but they want to. Sanctification will change you from the inside and cause you to not want to do those things anymore. Moses was no longer a Hebrew slave; he was the grandson of a king. Sanctification will change your identity. People will look at you and see a change in your life.

It is the sweetest, purest desire to want to be sanctified. “I don’t want to do anything that will hinder my walk with God.”

You have to get in Noah’s Ark and in Moses’ Ark, but you have to get the Ark of the Covenant inside of you.

There are thirty-fold, sixty-fold, and a hundred-fold. This last ark is the hundred-fold. Hebrews 9:4. The Ark of the Covenant contained the Ten Commandments, Aaron’s rod, and a pot of manna.

The Ten Commandments. We are to have the word of God in our hearts. Before something goes terribly wrong with my vehicle, a warning light will come on the dash. The word of God is that warning light in a person’s life, telling them to take caution in a particular situation. God’s word will rise up and talk to you, keeping you out of trouble. It will lead you and guide you. But for the word of God to guide you, you have to have it inside your heart. You have to read the Bible and keep on reading. If you will get the Word of God inside of you, He will hide it. The devil may not back up at every worship song you sing, but he has to back up at the Word of God. You won’t walk in victory if you don’t read your Bible.

Numbers 17:1-10. When Moses picked up Aaron’s rod after a night of it being in the tabernacle, it didn’t look like the eleven other rods. Aaron’s rod has buds, blooms, and almonds. It had three seasons in one night. God took this rod and removed the equation of time from the situation. He gave one branch three seasons (that took nine months to complete) at the same time in one night.

When the doctor shakes his head and only gives a person 6 more months, they can pray, saying, “God, if you gave Hezikiah 15 more years, you can do it for me.”

Moses couldn’t have gotten a rod from an almond tree that was going through three seasons at the same time and replace Aaron’s rod. God will do things that the devil can’t replicate. There is a real anointing from God that will stand up inside of you and it can heal the sick and cast out devils. That anointing can’t be duplicated. We need that real, undeniable anointing flowing through us! You have something inside of you that is greater than any storm.

Exodus 16:15. Manna is when you are praying for something, and God gives it to you, but you don’t recognize it. You don’t always have to recognize what God is doing. Sometimes He moves in strange ways to turn situations around. You don’t have to have some 40-year-old prophet to give you a word, God can use a child to speak to you. When you are in trouble, you don’t care how God moves, you just want Him to move.

You can walk in confidence. God will move and make a way in whatever situation you find yourself in. In these last days, there will be an unshakable faith and trust in the heart of true saints. God is our healer and provider. Philippians 4:19. Bring your needs to the Lord. He loves you and cares about you.

Remember the 3 arks. You must be saved, sanctified, and filled with God’s word and the sweet Holy Ghost!

–Pastor Anthony Wynn

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  1. Jessica Grizzle says:

    What a wonderful word brother! Thank you for this encouragement.. it has blessed my heart! God bless all of you .. love you all

    1. Faith Cross says:

      Dear Jessica,
      Thank you so much for your comment! We are thrilled that this message encouraged you! We love you and God bless you!

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