Continually Praise

Psalms 100

Psalms 150:1. When we go to a restaurant, we go there to eat. When we go to a clothing store, we’re there because we want to buy some clothes. If we go to church, we want to worship the King.

Psalms 150:6. If you are reading this right now, that means you are alive and breathing. “Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord.” There are people who didn’t wake up today. We did. We may be facing big storms and rough trials, but we woke up. That’s a reason to praise the Lord.

If people can climb over rows and chairs to get on a football field to cheer for their favorite team, then why can’t we do the same praising Jesus? He won our victory on the cross. He gave us the opportunity to live forever in a place called Heaven where there will be no darkness or crying. He defeated death, Hell, and the grave, and we are on the winning side. We ought to shout and praise Him!

Why do we go to church?

Are we there just to be sung to or preached to? Or are we there to meet with the One that church is all about? We are there to honor the One who bled for us, the One who loved us when we were unlovable and reached for us when no one else would.

Isaiah 6:1. Way back when kings would win a victory, they would sew a piece of a garment to the end of their train. God had won so many victories by the time Isaiah rolled around, His train already filled the temple. For every storm, test, and trial He’s brought you through there has been a piece of a garment sewed to His train. We are not here because we are strong, or we just got lucky. We are here because of the King of Kings, and we should praise Him for every victory!

Revelation 4:6. If you don’t think you have anything to praise God for, then here’s something. Praise Him because He was, He is, and He is to come. He was the Lord, He is the Lord, and He will continue on being the Lord. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He still saves, heals, and delivers. If we praise Him, He will come, and when He comes then healing, victory, and deliverance come with Him.

The enemy knows he can’t stop a worshipper.

Genesis 22:5. Abraham was able to bring a boy who was destined to die off of the mountain he was supposed to be sacrificed on. Why? One of the reasons is that he was a true worshipper of God. Decide today to worship God continually and the enemy will watch you worship your way out of your storms. You can come out with a fresh anointing and joy, and peace in your mind.

2 Chronicles 20:22. Jehoshaphat was surrounded by the enemy, but he was prophesied to that he should go and fight because the battle was not his, but God’s. If you will just praise him like the children did in verse 22, then you don’t have to worry because God will fight for you. Keep on worshipping!

Psalms 34:1-3. Will I praise the Lord half-heartedly? Will I praise the Lord lazily? David said, “No, I will bless the Lord at all times!” We should praise God in the valley and praise Him on the mountain. We should praise God again and again with no limit to how much we praise Him.

Sometimes we think it’s enough to just think in our minds, “I love you, Lord.” But the Bible tells us to praise Him with our mouths. God’s praise should be continuously in our mouths. I want to give you a little challenge. When you come in contact with someone today, tell them God is good. Witness to them that God is faithful. Speak to them and praise God for His kindness.

In these end times, I believe there will be such a spirit of worship and praise sweeping through the house of God that cancer cells won’t be able to live, backsliders won’t be able to stay back in their seats, and lost souls will be saved. Such glory will fall that minds and bodies will be healed.

God is looking for someone who’s available, who is looking for His glory. He is looking for someone willing to open their mouth and praise Him.

Psalms 63:3-4.

Take about five minutes and worship the Lord, friend. He’s worthy of it. And when you worship Him with your whole heart, His presence will fill the place where you are, and with His presence comes healing, deliverance, and mercy. Praise God!

— Pastor Anthony Wynn

Keep On Living

Luke 21:26 — “Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.”

Times are dark. Morals are declining. The Christians are under major attack. Marriages are no longer sacred to this nation. Untreatable diseases are attacking people’s health. The economy is getting worse and worse, making it look like we could lose everything in the blink of an eye.

There’s no mistaking the amount of fear in America right now. There is a lot. BUT remember 2 Timothy 1:7. Sometimes in these situations, we don’t know what to do. So, I went through the Bible and looked up some things that God told people to do in times of trouble.

Jeremiah 29:1,4-6. According to this passage of Scripture, God is telling His people to keep going on despite the pressure they are under.

Most of the time, when something is under pressure that’s when it is most productive or shines the brightest. This is our opportunity to shine. Until Jesus returns, there will be day and night and summer, fall, winter, and spring. There will be happy times and low times. Until Jesus returns, things will keep on going. We need to do the same. We need to keep on living and shine the light of Jesus.

The righteous will not be forsaken. God loves His children. There will be food on your table, and you will be taken care of. God is still God. Keep worshipping Him and praising Him. He will make a way for you. He loves you!

Jeremiah 29:7. The devil has been doing so much to divide us.

He knows that if he can divide us, he can conquer us. Let’s join together as brothers and sisters in Christ and combat this tactic of the enemy.

Jeremiah 29:11-13. God was letting His people know that right in the middle of their captivity, He was thinking about them. Take a hold of your thoughts right now. There will be peace and joy in your life and in your family. Every time the enemy raises up his ugly head, God will raise up a standard against him. God will fight for us on the left and right. He’ll be the buckler behind us and the shield in front of us.

There will be peace in your mind.  Protection for your family. There will be health in your body. God does not forsake the righteous! Psalms 40:5

Deuteronomy 29:5. “…your clothes are not waxen old upon you, and thy shoe is not waxen old upon thy foot.”

The old and young alike had clothes and shoes for those forty years. I can’t answer all the questions here, but it seems to me that when the children grew, their clothes and shoes grew with them and still looked new. God’s people kept walking with the Lord wherever He took them and didn’t have to go to other places to get clothes and shoes, for He provided for them. If God can do that for about 3.5 million people, can’t He do it for you as well?

Keep on living for God. He has a good plan for you, and He will make a way for you. I have seen time after time where God has moved financially for others and even myself.

Nehemiah 9:20-21. Nehemiah was preaching to people in captivity, but he reached back for something from the past to tell them about.

We can look back at testimonies from the past and know that if God moved for us back then, He can still move for us now. God doesn’t waste anything. When you come out of your trial, you can use that testimony to help someone else in a situation similar. If God moved for Moses and Nehemiah, He will make a way for us. Philippians 4:19.

John 10:10. God didn’t come that you might have life and just survive or barely get by. He came that you might have life and have it MORE ABUNDANTLY.

You can’t do it by yourself, you have to believe in Jesus. This is where too many of us are beating ourselves up. We try to do it all ourselves and we can’t. Every once in a while, stop everything and ask your Savior for a drink of water.

Daniel 6:22. Proverbs 3:9-10. Psalms 16:11. Ephesians 3:20. John 1:4. Isaiah 59.19. Zechariah 4:6. Psalms 28:7. Ephesians 6:10.

I hope this has encouraged you! Be strong in the Lord. We win in the end, friend. Keep looking to Jesus.

— Pastor Anthony Wynn

Where is Your Prayer Life?

Isaiah 6:1-3.

There are about 5 major levels to communication: ritual, superficial, factual, sharing of opinions, and then sharing of feelings.

Where is your prayer life?

One of the lowest levels is ritual communication. This is the level you communicate with everyone including strangers. An example would be a nod of your head to the person pulling into the gas station next to you. Another example would be saying ‘hi’ as you’re passing someone walking by without expecting an answer.

It’s sad, but a lot of people have a ritual prayer life. They don’t expect an answer and they give their prayer no depth.

The next level is superficial communication. This is more of an acquaintance level. You don’t know the person or their situation well, but you do expect some give and take in the conversation. In not knowing them very well, you stay on surface-level topics such as the weather or what they’ve done that day.

This is where some people are with God. They will pray and expect just a little touch or word from God.

Third level: factual communication. These are more meaningful conversations with people you know more about. People communicating on this level with you are most likely called friends or good acquaintances. These are people you might go out to eat with. The types of conversations are more personal and deal with solving problems, with interests, and with general information.

In prayer, this is the level where your prayer life starts growing in the Lord.

Level four is sharing your opinions. This takes level three to a deeper level when you start to add your personal opinions about matters. This level is reserved for people with whom we have a solid trusting relationship. These people have been tried and found true, and we trust them with the opinions we have.

This is another step to growing in your prayer life.

Level five is sharing your feelings. So many people never find this place in prayer. This includes not only our feelings but our feelings about our opinions. This level requires both speaker and listener to move past empathy to compassion.

When you begin to feel compassion and people’s problems, you can touch Heaven.

This level of communication requires major trust because sharing your feelings involves risk. The amount of trust for these conversations is reserved for our closest friends and relationships.

There should be 2-way communication in prayer.

Your prayer life shouldn’t be you doing all the talking. Heaven should whisper back to you. God will turn things around. Sometimes we pray but walk away before God has a chance to answer us. We have to learn to listen, be still, and know that He is God.

Who is Jesus to you?

If Jesus is only a Judge to you, you will never approach Him unless you have need of Him. If He is only a Judge to you, you will never wake up in the middle of the night and tell Him you love Him. If you only see Him as a Healer, then you will only pray when sickness arises. If you only see Him as a Savior, you will only pray when lost souls are present. If you only see Him as a Provider, you will only seek Him when there is a need.

Don’t let what you pray to become a habit.

Matthew 6:7. Don’t pray for the same people, the same things, in the same order, every time. I have a list of lost souls I pray for, and I don’t want it to become a habitual prayer where I ask that they be saved over and over. Every once in a while, I’ll pray instead to give thanks to God that they are still alive and there’s another opportunity to reach them. God doesn’t want us to come to Him because of our list. He wants us to come because we love Him, trust Him, and believe in Him.

Prayer is a conversation you have with a very real God.

We are not just talking to some gray spirit, floating around in space. God is not off on some faraway planet. He is as close to you as you will allow Him to be. He’s big enough to be everywhere in the world at one time and yet small enough to live in your heart.

If you want your prayer life to grow, learn to seek God’s face. Has your life been pleasing to Him? Have you done your best for Him? With the eyes of your soul, you can learn to seek God’s face and know whether or not He is smiling on you.

Until you see the invisible, you limit yourself from praying down the impossible. How can you see God? You can find Him in the middle of addicts being delivered. You can see Him in the restoration of marriages. You can find Him in the middle of the storm, bringing peace when everything is falling apart. I have been in contact with many people whose worlds were shaking, and they should be dead today, but God moved in their situation and brought them out of their storm. I have seen the invisible do the impossible!

About 90% of my prayers start out like Luke 11:2.

It’s not a habit, it’s a heart thing. This immediately brings me to recognize that I am just me and God outshines all. You can compare doctors or sports players and find two alike. But when you say Jesus, He stands alone and stands above all. There’s not a second best or a third best. This is who you communicate with when you pray. He alone is God and there is none beside Him and none that can compare.

Sometimes our prayers are urgent. But when we come into His presence we should bring Him a gift. We should bring Him praise and worship and thanks.

God understands.

Hebrews 4:15. We are not trying to touch angels who don’t know what it’s like to cry. We aren’t trying to communicate with an angel who doesn’t know what it’s like to bury Lazarus. God knows what hurt its and what rejection is. He knows pain and betrayal. He knows what it’s like to be used. We can tell Him our troubles and He will understand.

I love to pray His name. Philippians 2:9.

I’ve seen certain situations where the Lord moved and the only thing that was said in the prayer was the name “Jesus.” You can’t talk the Lord up too much. As big as I could say He is, He’s bigger. As mighty as I could make Him seem to you, He’s still mightier than that. He’s higher than the highest and greater than the greatest. You can use titles like “Ancient of Days” but that’s just a description of Him. He is our all in all. Jesus is His name, and that name is high above any other name.

Sometimes when you try to pray, your thoughts get scattered in the warfare against evil spirits when they come against you. When this happens, stop praying for a moment. Psalms 22:3. Break into worship. You may not speak in tongues or shout, but you are telling God you love Him. When you begin to worship God, the abiding Christ inside you starts to manifest His power and no evil demon can hang around.

This is how we fight our battles, through worship and prayer!

Prayer is a safe place. Jesus won’t laugh at you. He won’t put your stuff on Facebook. You can share your fears and failures, your hurts, and your anger. Psalms 78.38-39.

Are you ready for another level of prayer with the Lord? Are you ready to see Him? Are you ready to behold His glory? I would encourage you to pick up your Bible and begin seeking God’s face. He’s calling you to a higher level of prayer, friend.

–Pastor Anthony Wynn

Don’t Quit in the Storm

Don’t ever quit in a storm.

Psalms 30:5. This is the difference between Christians and the world. No matter what we face, we will always get back up. God will always show up for us. You won’t always hurt like this; the Healer is on the way. You won’t always be torn like this; restoration is on the way.

Luke 8:22. The disciples didn’t get into a storm when they were lying or stealing. They got into the storm by following Jesus. When you get into a storm following Jesus, He has to make a way where there seems to be no way. How can the ship sink with Jesus onboard?

Whatever you’re facing, Jesus knew this storm would come. When He called you, He knew you would face this battle. Jesus knows your life from beginning to end and nothing will catch Him by surprise. He will finish what He started in your life.

Luke 8:23-24. If you live for Jesus long enough, there will be times it feels like He has gone to sleep. Sometimes you may cry all night long and the Heavens are brass and silent. Sometimes the only voice you hear is the one telling you that you are going to lose and that you are a failure. But God doesn’t talk to His children like that. God tells you that you are a winner, a conqueror. You are victorious through the blood of the Lamb!

Don’t run.

Psalms 55:5-8. David was tired of being attacked and wanted to fly away. Sometimes you may feel this way. You love your family, and your job, and you love God, but you just want to run, thinking that if you got away you could be at rest from the storm.

If you are there right now, HANG ON! The storm is almost over! The devil won’t die, but this storm will be over soon. You may look back and all you see is the pain and the hurt, but God will bring you to a new season and when you look around you are going to see victory and hope. Anyone can worship God while on the other side of the Red Sea. He’s going to deliver His people, so why don’t we worship Him before He gives us the miracle?

This test will become a testimony and it might just be an encouragement to someone else in their trial.

Genesis 3:21. The devil is the one that whispers that God doesn’t care and that you are broken beyond repair. But this Jesus that knows the worst about you, loves you more than anybody else loves you. God is making a way for you right now. If He only helped you when you deserved it, He would be no different from the world. But He loves us while we were yet sinners, and He died for us.

2 Corinthians 11:24-27. Paul went through all of this and still kept on living for the Lord. There was something inside of him that just wouldn’t quit. He had every chance to give up, but he wouldn’t.

2 Corinthians 4:7-9. I may not know what you are going through, but Jesus does. 1 Corinthians 10:13. Jesus is your way out. Jesus is your victory. You will overcome by the blood of the Lamb.

Daniel 3:25. You will walk out of this. Make up your mind that you will not give in to depression or oppression. Don’t let this storm drive you to anything but God. You didn’t start to quit. You didn’t get saved to go to Hell.

Daniel 6:10. The enemy says you can’t make it but let him watch God carry you to victory. It’s not over until God says it’s over, and He’s telling you to stand. When you’ve done all you can to stand, He’s about to show up, and the enemy will flee. When God shows up, bills get paid, doctor’s reports change, and situations turn around. God will make a way for His children!

Jeremiah 29:11. If you are in a trial, know that your story will not end like this. Psalms 34:19. Jeremiah 20:9. There is a fire in you that the devil cannot put out. It’s not about you and the devil, but about “He that is in you is greater than he that is in the world.”

God has a way of turning a crisis into a blessing.

God brings some of the biggest miracles out of the biggest messes. Don’t stop praying. Don’t stop reading your Bible. Don’t stop going to church.

I would like to take this time to encourage you to renew your vows to be faithful to the Lord. In sickness, health, on the mountain, or in the valley, let God know that you will serve Him and love Him.

This road we are walking on is not a bed of roses, but keep on walking on. One day the flowers will bloom, and the sun will shine. Keep on walking on. You will leave this part of your life behind. God will bring you to victory!

— Pastor Anthony Wynn