Roe v Wade

This was probably one of the most important sermons I have preached in 40 years.

Genesis 2:7. Exodus 20:13. Psalms 139:13. Isaiah 49:1. Exodus 21:22-23. Jeremiah 1:5. Proverbs 6:16-17. Psalms 20:10. Psalms 106:37-38. Psalms 127:3.

The 50th year is the year of jubilee. We have been under Roe v Wade for 49 years. This is our year of jubilee! Why? Our tax dollars aren’t going to pay for abortions any longer. Our tax money isn’t being used to kill babies!

In America, 4 out of 10 unplanned pregnancies are terminated by abortions. In the United States, there were over 3,000 abortions a day. Ezekiel 7:22-23. Deuteronomy 30:19. Millions and millions of babies have been aborted. One abortion every 34 seconds.

This is not a political message. It’s a Bible message.

A baby has its own DNA, blood type, and its own functional brain. It has its own dreams. Jesus died that we might live. Abortion kills so that someone might live differently. Some people are more upset about chopping down a tree than they are about killing that real person in the womb.

But for the first time in a long time, I believe the Almighty Creator has looked down on America and smiled.

In a 5 to 4 decision, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade. Almost half the states are expected to outlaw or severely restrict abortions as a result of the Supreme Court’s decision.

If my Shelia and I and our grandkids were going to take a trip on a bus, it doesn’t matter who the bus driver is, we need to pray for that driver. We need to cut back on what we tell others and start praying for the leaders of our country. We need to pray for America right now. They are making decisions that are going to affect your children and your grandchildren. I believe we have the Lord’s attention right now and we need to pray. We can see cancers healed and families restored! Just pray! Proverbs 14:34.

So many have been worried about gas prices going up, but I’ve been worried about war breaking out and bombs going off in schools. Those planes crashing into the towers on 9/11 was not an accident. Something happened that hurt God and God pulled back the curtain of protection a little bit. “America,” He said, “I’m going to let you see what can happen without my protection.” America was allowed a taste of what other nations had had to face since those nations rejected God. If God pulls His hand back, overnight our money could be worthless. Overnight our stores could be emptied out.

But right now, God’s finding a little mercy toward America.

What’s happening right now is going to hold judgment back a little longer. I can hear God telling one of the kings in the Bible, “Because you repented and turned to me, I’m not going to do this in your generation.” It took some repenting and tears to turn this abortion law around.

It’s not a matter of party.

If a person only ever votes republican, what happens when that person is so republican that they vote for someone who promotes homosexuality or abortion? It’s not a party thing or a financial thing. What matters is that we vote for someone who will bring God back into the picture. We need someone that will stand up for the Bible and let us worship God. We need someone that will honor God. America is torn right now. Divorce, suicide, and drug overdoses are skyrocketing. Sin is taking over. Hosea 6:1.

2 Chronicles 15:4. I feel that some people in America are turning back to God. Hosea 14:1. Isaiah 55:7. It was wicked when they took our tax money and used it to kill babies. But the devil doesn’t have us yet and we are turning from our wicked ways. The abortion doctors are going to have to get their salary from someplace else because they’re not getting our tax dollars anymore.

Judges 3:7-9. We may not have it all right yet, but we are making our way back to God! Because we are trying to get it right, revival could very well break out. As far as our nation has gone, God has still held war back. God has still protected us despite how far our nation has gone from Him. We ought to thank God and praise Him for His kindness to us!

Despite how far the nation has gone, there are still some people in America that love God. Praise His holy name!

–Pastor Anthony Wynn

Allowing God to be Our Father

A lot of us are thankful for the father figures in our lives.

Some of us don’t have an earthly father, but we may have someone who is like a father to us. Even still, I don’t care how great your earthly father figure is, you need this Heavenly Father that I’m going to be talking about today. We can’t make it without Him.

1 John 3:1. The Bible has over 150 references to God being our Spiritual Father. Here we are going to talk about some ways we can allow God to be a father to us and enrich our lives and bring us to the fullness of his glory.

Stay in God’s presence.

I was with my 3-year-old daughter one day. We were in a wide, open field and she was running around playing. She got a little too far, but I didn’t get worried until a bunch of dogs came after her. She started running back to me and I was running to her and yelling because of the danger of the dogs. When I got to her I told her, “You are only in danger when you are out of my reach.”

Kara said, “If they come over here, you are going to fight those dogs like a rascal.”

I told her they would have to end me to get to her. It’s like that with God as our father. If some enemy has to end our God to get to us, it’s going to lose. But we have to accept and acknowledge that we have to stay in His presence and walk in His ways.

God’s Mercy. Luke 6:36.

I like to go back to the Prodigal Son. He came to his father and told him he wanted his inheritance as if his father was already dead. He wanted a life without his father. How much would that have crushed his father! The son gets his brief moment of pleasure in the world and squanders his money. Later he gets up, after living some time in a pig pen, he’s rehearsing what he’s going to say to his father when he returns home. “I’m not fit to be your son, just let me be a servant.”

His father was sitting there watching the road, and when the son came in sight, he ran to him. He didn’t send a servant to run after him, he ran himself. Luke 15:21-24. We are humans and we have messed up, and sometimes you think that because of that you have to live as a servant. But God is calling us to be His children. We don’t have to live a servant life. God has a purpose, a plan for our lives and we can step into that.

We can resort to God for wisdom in making decisions.

My dad and I talk a lot and I’ll ask him all sorts of questions. Sometimes I take for granted that God can literally give me wisdom. We are facing so many different things, things that can completely change our lives. Papaw and Dad have taught me to have a daily prayer asking God for wisdom because if I lean on my own understanding, it will fail. Proverbs 3:13.

If God is going to be our Father, we have to learn to submit to His will.

That sounds fun when we talk about the blessings, the benefits, and the protection He provides. But it’s not so fun when God’s will goes against our flesh. Submission is hard, but if we can learn to live in God’s perfect will then we will be safe, our lives will be loaded with blessings, and our lives will be in God’s perfect plan. Romans 8:7.

God corrects us.

One of the things I really don’t like is having to discipline my daughter. My wife, Jessie, once told me, “If you love her, you would correct her.”

The best mercy God can give us is correction. Again we are human and mess up. God loves us so much that He, in His mercy, chooses to correct us and develop us instead of throwing us away. He will prune the things out of our lives that hinder our fruitfulness for His kingdom. Hebrews 12:6.

God can provide for every one of my needs.

Philippians 4:19. Being 29, I don’t need the same help that I did when I was four, such as tying my shoes. So, as we develop spiritually, our needs change. God will give you the anointing to cast out depression and sickness coming against you. God will provide for you in any way you need Him to.

All the authority my Father has is also given to me.

John 1:12-13. If we can give enough of ourselves to God, if we can let go of some of these servanthood mindsets we have, we can have the ability to heal the sick. We can have the ability to cast out demons and destroy spiritual bondage in people’s lives. We could perform spiritual miracles just like our Father before us as He walked the streets of Jerusalem.

It’s all well and good to want to change the world. But there has to be a change in us first. First, we have to submit to God and give ourselves up. Lay down your past, lay down your pain.

Give yourself to God and tell Him, “God, I want to be your child. What can I give up today to accept you more as a father in my life?”

— Micah Wynn

Assignment from Heaven

God gave Jonah an assignment.

Jonah 1:1-3. In this passage, the word of the Lord comes to Jonah. It was not a feeling or an emotion, but the word of the Lord.

When the word of the Lord came to Jonah, God knew where Jonah was, what shape his spirit was in, and He knew what Jonah was going to do with the word He gave. God was not surprised when Jonah refused and ran. God knew how Jonah was going to react, but still, God called him.

If a cold-hearted man running from God can hear a clear assignment from Him, why can’t those who are hungry for God? Jonah 3:1-3.

We need a fresh assignment from Heaven. When God gives you an assignment, Heaven will back it. It’s like a policeman pulling up to deal with some trouble. It’s not just him, he has the whole police department backing him. When you hear an assignment from God, it’s not just you. It’s the Creator of the Universe that goes with you!

Worship is one of your assignments. It’s not an option.

2 Samuel 6:21-22. David had an appointment from the Lord and part of that was worship. You don’t have a choice. If you are going where God is taking you, you have to worship Him. Worship is a win-win situation. When you worship, you are giving to God, and as you do, He begins to break chains and speak life into you. Miracles happen when we worship God!

God is working it all out.

Genesis 35:1. God told Jacob to go to Bethel. There was a new beginning waiting for Jacob. There is an assignment that God will give you that will change your life. Genesis 46:2-3. Exodus 3:9-14. When God gives you an assignment, miracles, power, and peace will go with you. The blood will go before you, making a way for you. Jesus will open doors that wouldn’t normally open. When you follow the assignment, God is already working on the other end, preparing you to pour in oil and wine into someone’s wounds and lay hands on the sick! When you’ve completed your assignment, God will release you and open your next assignment.

There are some doors already open to you. You need to tell your timidness that it will not stop your assignment. If the devil tries to bring up your past, you don’t have to worry about it because it’s under the blood. I don’t know about you, but I want my assignment from God. I want my living to make a difference. God has some assignments in His folder and He’s wanting to hand them out!

God’s looking for someone that’s not so caught up in themselves that they can’t hear an assignment for someone.

He’s looking for someone that will sacrifice and deny themself for others. You may not be called to the Middle East somewhere. It might be your prayer closet. God will send you into a certain person’s life to take authority and tell the devil to let someone go. The first time Moses told Pharaoh to let the children of Israel go, Pharaoh didn’t. But Moses was on an assignment. You may know a Pharoah in your assignment’s life. Pray and fast and take authority in Jesus’ name. Tell that Pharaoh to let them go, not only to be out of bondage but also to experience revival and know the Lord their Savior!

The completion of your assignment will be honored.

1 Kings 17:13-16. Even when Elijah had left the woman, the Lord was still honoring the completion of the assignment. 2 Kings 4:7. This woman was in debt and they were going to take her sons. The oil represents your anointing. Your anointing will be your way out. The anointing you’ve poured out will deliver your children and help set your lost loved ones free!

2 Kings 20:4-6. Acts 9:10-12. I want to be sent on an assignment that will change someone’s life. There are people in your family, in your community, that one knock on their door at the right time with an assignment from the Lord can totally turn their life around. What if you are a certain person’s last assignment? What if you are their last opportunity to experience the love of God?

How are assignments sent?

God can give you an assignment in a dream. God’s clear voice can ring in your heart. That clear voice overrides all other thoughts. Sometimes God just opens a door and you walk through. Pretty soon you will realize that it’s not chance, it’s an assignment from God.

What does God have for you to do? God is looking for someone who will obey Him and let Him move through their life to touch a lost soul. There are people who need to be healed and people who need the love of God shown to them. What is your assignment?

— Pastor Anthony Wynn

Take Care of Him

I found four words that have been on my mind continuously over the past little bit. ‘Take care of him.’

Luke 10:25-37. I looked up the word ‘care’ and it means to look out for, to guard, to protect.

Luke 10:33-35. The certain man represents a lost soul stripped by sin and left half dead by the world. The Samaritan bound up his wounds, even before he brought him to the inn.

Jesus represents that Good Samaritan.

Despite whatever sin they are in, Jesus will go to where a lost soul is and clean them up, having mercy when no one else will. He will bring them to a church family. Then, He gives the church the command, “Take care of him.”

Too many people want a welfare church.

Their mindset is along the lines of “What can I get from this body of believers?” Some people strip one church and move on to the next, never a giver and always a taker. But as Christians, our mindset should be “What can I do for these people?”

Jesus (the Samaritan) took that lost soul (the certain man) to a church and told them to take care of him. And whatever the church invests in that soul, Jesus will repay.

If we want to have a Book of Acts Revival, then we have to love one another. If one member of the body has a need it’s up to us to help fulfill that need. My hand may not know a lot about my shoulder, but my shoulder is what allows blood to flow to my hand. Without the blood, my hand won’t last long. I don’t want to be the member in the body of Christ that refuses to let the Lord flow through me to another member. I want the love and mercy of God to flow through me and touch a member of the body that needs help. Hebrews 12:12-13. 1 Corinthians 12:25.

Be kind to people because you never know what they are facing or what they’ve had to go through.

We may come into a place with our heads held high and all anyone sees is a smile on our face. But everyone has some load, some burden, some kind of heaviness that they have to carry. 1 John 4:7.

2 Kings 6:28-31. There are a lot of people walking around that look like they have it all together, but underneath that pretty smile are a lot of tears, pain, and scars. Sometimes it’s not enough to lay hands on them and pray for a blessing. Sometimes we need to call out to God and ask Him what we can do to make a difference in their life. God wants to use you to pick somebody up when life is pushing them down.

If this is going to work, it has to start in the home. I don’t care how kind you are in church, if you are unkind to your family at home, then you are a hypocrite. What can we do to lighten our family’s load? What can we do to lift up the hands of our loved ones?

We won’t have a deep move of God until we find the deep love of God.

When we find that, then no weapon formed against us will prosper. When we lay our life down for each other, nothing will be able to hinder us or stop us! 1 John 3:16.

There ought to be something different about the church. We ought to really be a family. We need to care for one another. The world won’t know we are followers of Jesus because we shout or sing. They will know we follow Jesus by seeing the love we have for one another. John 13:34-35.

We may send money to missions and go halfway around the world to care for someone, but what about that one sitting behind us in the church that needs help because they are about to go under?

Matthew 25:34-40. 1 John 3:17-18. Proverbs 19:17. Do we care for people? Jesus does. To be like Jesus is more than just to stop living a sinful life.

To be like Jesus is to lay your life down and love others more than yourself.

— Pastor Anthony Wynn

Does Anyone Still Care?

Luke 10:29-37. For the longest time, I tried to figure out exactly who is my neighbor.

It finally registered with me when I saw a man in the store, and he was picking up glass off the floor. A globe he was buying had fallen out of his cart and people were just standing and watching him. I went and got a bag and helped him pick up a few pieces and he looked at me and said, “Thank you, neighbor.” That’s when this message finally came together. Your neighbor is anyone God brings into your life who has a need.

How can we do this?

The priest passed by the wounded man and the Levite passed by. How can we go to church and clap our hands, saying, “Oh, how I love Jesus!” and then leave being cold and calloused? How can we go to church, worshipping a God who was wounded for us, and live our lives day by day only caring about ‘me and my four, no less no more?’

Every pair of eyes you look into is going somewhere for eternity. Heaven is a real place, but so is Hell. We have to get a vision for the lost. People don’t care about how much we know until they know how much we care.

Half dead.

Sin will take everything you have. It doesn’t matter if a person is wearing a suit with a wallet full of money, they can still be half-dead. Sin is only fun for a season. And sooner or later that season catches up with a person. God will reach and keep on reaching until one day He draws a line and if that person crosses it, God will never deal with them again. His spirit shall not always strive with man.

God didn’t necessarily call you to witness, but to be a witness.

God told us to let our light shine before men so they can see our good works and glorify our Father which is in Heaven.

If a child is out in the yard playing and a rattlesnake is there, you don’t run over and spank them for not staying on the porch. First, you rescue them. You’ll have time later to deal with their disobedience. There’s too much correction going on in the church and not enough rescuing.

A hospital is not for those that are well, it’s for the sick. The ministry isn’t only for those that are doing good. It’s for those that are bruised and broken, who’s lost all hope and confidence. Ministry is more than a microphone or an offering or a song. Ministry is more than a service. Ministry gives somebody hope. It loves the unlovable, reaches the unreachable, and changes the unchangeable. Ministry makes a difference in a troubled world.

I remember coming across a horrible wreck and I stepped out of my car to go pray with the man who was injured. I knelt beside him while the ambulance was on its way, and I could tell by his smell that he and I had been drinking out of different fountains. But all that didn’t matter. What mattered was he was my neighbor, and I was going to help him. The man was still alive by the time the ambulance got there. Later I was washing my shoes off because I had gotten his blood on them and the Lord spoke to me. “Son, you may get a man’s blood off your shoes, but if you ever destroy someone, how can you get their blood off your hands?”

We ought not to be mean to someone that Jesus died for.

To get to Heaven, you don’t just have to stop drinking or lying. It doesn’t matter how good of a life you live, if you don’t love people, you won’t make it. The Samaritan came and bound up the man’s wounds. How long has it been since you’ve done that for someone? People all around you are going to Hell, and you have a chance to make a difference in their lives. We may not be mean or hateful, but sometimes we are so caught up in ourselves.

It costs $0.50 to reach someone a CD or a tract, then tell them Jesus loves them, and that’s all well and good. But for us to walk into someone’s life, it’s going to cost us. The oil and wine the Samaritan poured on the wounded man could have cost up to a week’s salary.

The oil represents the presence of God in your life. The oil is that healing anointing. I believe the wine represents your love and the blood of Jesus. We take the blood of Jesus into any circumstance. As for your love, you may show all of it to someone, and they just use you and mock you. The same hand that reaches to pick a rose, may get scarred from the thorns. But if you’ll just keep on reaching and loving, you can reach that one person. There was a whole crowd mocking and laughing at Jesus on the cross, but there was one thief that cried for mercy.

2 Corinthians 12:15. It doesn’t cost much to witness, but It costs a lot to be a witness. Every person, man, woman, or child, is a soul. The Master has need of you. Someone is lost. Someone needs you to care.

— Pastor Anthony Wynn